Too Young to Tub: Hot Tubs, Are They for Everyone?

Too Young to Tub: Hot Tubs, Are They for Everyone? - Wave Spas USA

The great thing about hot tubs is that (contrary to popular belief) you do not need a time machine to enjoy them. Whether it to be alleviate muscle pain, spend the night in style with some good friends, or for some good old-fashioned unadulterated relaxation, there is no age limit on enjoying a hot tub.

However, like with all water-based activities, there are hazards, and there are certain rules that we advise you comply with. Wave are here to put these sordid rumours about hot tub usability to bed. To stay informed about other hot tub misconceptions or, mythconceptions, head over to our Mythbusting post from earlier this month.

1)  Pregnancy and Hot Tubs

This old chestnut. Can Pregnant Women get in hot tubs? Well, in this instance, the question isn’t completely ridiculous. Can they get in them? Yes. Should they get in them? That depends.

The heat in hot tubs elevates body temperature, and regulating body temperature for your child is hugely important during pregnancy. Similarly, a female’s constitution is slightly more vulnerable to things such as nausea and vertigo during pregnancy, and the prospect of fainting in water is nothing to shrug off.

If you’re not completely deafened by pandemic jargon, think of yourself in a pregnant state as being a medium-high risk category. Tubbing is not an impossibility when carrying a child, but there is certainly a safe hot tub temperature for pregnancy that we would not recommend you exceed. Match your water temperature to your body temperature in order to avoid overheating, and always, always make sure you’re in trusted company.

We recognize that pregnancy is exhausting, and a relaxing soak is more tempting than ever. But please, practice vigilance, and tub with caution. For more information about hot tubs during pregnancy, click here.

2)  Can kids go in hot tubs?

The fact of the matter is, kids love inflatable hot tubs. They’re soft, they invite playfulness, they keep the ever waning-attention span of children grabbed – they’re essentially winter’s answer to a paddling pool *with a tad more luxury*. So why is there so much content out there about their unsuitability?

Children are not always the most cautious – they’re yet to learn the error of their ways, and sometimes underwater headstands are just too hard to resist. The chemical components of a hot tub can irritate young skin or uncover new allergies, and children are more vulnerable to things such as ear infections from poor water quality. If you do let your children play in the tub, ensure they are supervised, ensure the clip on cover is fixed at ALL times when the tub is not in use, and please make sure your hot tub is clean. Your little ones may give you earache, but an ear infection isn’t exactly a proportionate punishment.

3)  Can babies go in hot tubs?

The baby in hot tub question comes up more often than you’d expect. But luckily, this one’s a short answer: no. Just like bathing a baby, what’s cool in temperature for you may not be for your child. Baby’s bodies do not have the ability to adapt to temperature shifts in the way that an adults can. We therefore advise that you wait until your child is at least 5 until they are initiated into the wonderful world of Jacuzzis!

4)  Can dogs go in hot tubs

Should you wish to clean your filter every 30-40 minutes, be our guest. Remember that you are dealing with inflatable products here – most pups are boisterous at the best of times, and not always perfectly manicured, which is a recipe for punctures galore. The dog in hot tub query is not uncommon here at Wave, so we wanted to set the record straight: do so, at your own peril. All of our tubs come with a 6 month liner warranty, but evident pet-related damage would void your warranty. Plus, inconveniences to humans aside, dogs do not sweat – they pant. Sitting a dog in 40 degree water could potentially lead to overheating and in turn hyperventilation. No matter how much they may like to be, dogs are not hot tub accessories.

Hot tub when sick?

Just like an outdoor bath, when you’re feeling congested the steam can make you feel a great deal better. We are cautious in recommending hot tubs as a wellness purchase, but we understand what a popular remedy they can be in cold & flu season. Before embarking upon a flu-ridden soak, ensure that you stay hydrated. When you’re soaking in your Wave spa, sometimes you’re oblivious to the amount in which you are sweating. Soak for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, and ensure you stay on top of your water consumption!

In conclusion, hot tub use is a pretty uncomplicated issue providing you exercise caution if you are vulnerable to overheating. Here at Wave, we believe that no question is a silly question unless you’re taking hourly soaks with a Saint Bernard and want to know why your filter is clogged. For further advice on hot tub maintenance and hot tub costing, check out the other posts on our blog! We have a new piece up every week, and we love to hear your feedback 😊

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