Bring Your A-Game with These Tips for Your Backyard Hot Tub

Bring Your A-Game with These Tips for Your Backyard Hot Tub - Wave Spas USA
From MTV’s Pimp My Ride to ABC’s Home Improvements, product accessorizing and embellishment is nothing new. The trend is still hot, and hot tubs are no exception. From Hot tub stairs to hot tub drink holders, this is Wave’s definitive countdown of the current trend tips for giving your hot tub that extra je nais se quois.

Outdoor hot tub designs

Let’s start from the outside in. Whether waterproofing via a chic yet practical hot tub gazebo, or installing a Pergola to transport your jacuzzi guests to Adriatic paradise – we have a range of Waver submissions, collated from our socials, to take you from hot tub to haute tub.

Hot Tub Lights

Lights are one of the most important parts of every set up, especially when using your hot tub at night. They create a welcoming environment  perfect for family and friends. Some standard fairy lights can be enough to bring a cosy, ambient glow to your hot tub setup.

Or perhaps you are wanting to liven up your tubbing, if so, many of our customers have purchased floating disco lights to animate their spa when the weekend comes around. Whether external or internal, you can take your tub from Edenic idyll to Studio 54 at a minor expense and without painstaking effort.

Take Cover!

All of Wave’s jacuzzi tubs are built to withstand the elements, that being said, soaking in the snow is not everyone’s idea of a relaxing evening. Stocking the supplies to shield yourself in the winter months is never a bad idea. This can be done in multiple ways; hot tub Gazebo, hot tub pergola, or hot tub tent. Whichever way you wish to give yourself that extra bit of shelter when the weather is feeling tempestuous. 

Our inflatable, insulated hot tub cover range is also great for water heat retention during the perilous winter months. Simply place them on the water level, clip the accompanying waterproof cover on top and shield your tub against sub-zero temperatures to ensure you can get the most out of it all year round!

Enclosed Hot Tub Gazebo

For those situated north of the hemisphere who prefer a little further insulation, our hot tubs look fantastic in an enclosed gazebo-style setup. Whether on decking or on a groundsheet, install your own intimate backyard boudoir with fairy lights and curtains to shut out the bitter winds in style. The perfect medium between an indoor pool and an outdoor spa - these setups are ideal for those who still want to contrast between the steamy bubbles and the fresh air without exposing themselves directly to the elements.

Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

Nature’s answer to a Venetian blind - Plants! Get one of your five a day by adding greens to the scene. Green lightens any space and not only increases hot tub privacy but also gives the illusion of a larger space. They can be implemented in the form of accompanying potted plants or through constructing your tub amongst your garden’s natural shrubbery. Sometimes we are dissuaded from lounging out on a summer’s day because of the gaps in the garden fence - cultivating a botanical backdrop can be one simple trick to making you feel that little bit more sheltered.

Hot Tub Gazebo with Bar

After the laborious task of creating your perfect spa setup, remember, it is okay to wine a little! Not by yourself of course, you need to show off your work to your friends and loved ones. Your Pergola can double up not only as a windbreaker, but as a mini bar too! Ideal as a side table for your ice bucket and portable speaker, these Italian inventions are the must-have accessory both for style and practicality.

Best hot tub accessories 

None of these external embellishments would reach their full potential without the inclusion of some of Wave’s essential hot tub accessories. Before you turn your attention to the feng shui (風水) of your space, you first need to ensure your spa is at its optimal comfort level. This can be achieved in a few simple, inexpensive and minimalistic purchases:

Hot tub drink holder - Add some bubbles to your bubbles

Drinking in a hot tub? ... Why not! Say goodbye to spillage, and hello to our firm-hold jacuzzi tub drinks holders. What is your spa without your cold, refreshing, drink of choice. Our drinks holders mean no more sodden trips to the kitchen or enlisting your partner as unpaid waiting staff. With our discounted hot tub pillow and drink holder combo packs, you’re all set up for a romantic wind down for two.

Hot Tub Pillows

Your spa needs to be comfy for both yourself and your guests… After all, you want to be a super-host! Our inflatable headrests allow for a sleek look whilst also allowing you to adapt to the amount of people in your spa by adding or taking away the headrests. An inflatable hot tub with seats elevates the spa experience to contend with hard-sided hot tubs.


Inflatable Seat Cushions

A hot tub booster seat is an inexpensive extra that goes a long way. Hot tub cushions are the perfect add-on to keep your posterior comfy! Our inflatable seat cushions allow you to reach the perfect level of elevation, and are even conducive to improved posture. For extra added comfort, TOP TIP! Add water instead of air - this way it will remain at the base of the tub and prevent any accidental Aladdin’s Magic Carpet performances.



For further hot tub décor inspo. head to our socials to have a look at some of our loyal customers’ genius hot tub set up tips! 

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