Wave Spa Mythconceptions: 6 Hot Tub Myths Debunked

Wave Spa Mythconceptions: 6 Hot Tub Myths Debunked - Wave Spas USA
Bulls get angry when they see red, goldfish only have a three-second memory and blow up hot tubs are expensive to run. There’s something that all three of these statements have in common…

They’re MYTHS! 

With gyms and spas closed and people confined to their households, it’s easy to see why inflatable hot tubs have become the latest must-have addition to our homes. In just the first 50 days of 2021 alone, Wave sold over 3000 spas across the UK and USA. 

However, as portable spas have increased in popularity, so have the myths, rumours and unanswered questions. If you’ve been listening to all the latest hot tub hearsay and are still wondering if a plug and play hot tub is the best choice for you, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to debunk the most common jacuzzi mythconceptions and convince you that a Wave spa really will be the greatest addition to your garden/ backyard this summer.

MYTH: “Maintaining a hot tub is difficult and expensive” 

Hot tub maintenance is essential for achieving a luxurious spa experience. Regularly treating your water can also help prolong your spas life. Luckily- keeping your hot tub cleaner is neither difficult nor expensive. Cloudy hot tub water? Check out our Spa Clarifier! Sick of cleaning your filter every 5 minutes? Our Spa Skimmer will do the trick. Everything that you need to get your jacuzzi tub up and running can be found in our ‘Chemical Starter Kit’ with easy to follow instructions and advice. Once your spa is running, you can purchase any extra chemicals and testing strips from our website. We highly recommend signing up for our chemical subscription service. Automatically delivered to your door every 30, 60 or 90 days, you can save 15% off all cleaning products and filters without even having to think about it!  

MYTH: “You can’t use an inflatable spa all year around” 

Wave spas can be used in all weather conditions, but it is recommended that you don’t use your hot tub during extreme weather conditions such as high winds or storms. Although hot tubs are often associated with summer usage, the general consensus amongst our customers is that you cannot beat tubbing in the winter! With temperature settings able to rise as high as 40°C/104 °F, cosying up in a warm winter tub sounds glorious! 

MYTH: “Inflatable spas can be uncleanly and dangerous” 

Regularly changing your hot tubs water and treating it with our chemicals ensures your spa experience is safe and second to none. Our built-in filtration system also works to keep your water clean and free of debris. We recommend gently rinsing off your hot tub’s filter after each use and totally replacing it at after 168 hours. Inflatable cover protectors and pool skimmers can be used for extra protection. Read out article on 'How to Clean a Hot Tub' for more advice.

Myth: “A hot tub can only be used for relaxation”

As the world went into lockdown last spring, our creative customers have shown us just how versatile Wave spas can be. The ideal spot for a romantic date or a perfect outdoor adventure with all the family, an inflatable hot tub doesn’t just have to be used for relaxation. Ideal for hydrotherapy exercises that improve physical activity, your spa could even become the perfect gym replacement! Check out our ultimate guide to unconventional hot tub exercises for further aquatic exercise inspiration! 

 MYTH: “An inflatable hot tub loses heat easily” 

All Wave spa liners contain a built-in flexible support mesh, engineered to withhold and distribute heat around the hot tub. Our Rigid Foam spas, constructed with an energy-efficient foam core, are specially designed to retain even more heat than their inflatable counterparts. Of course, all spas can be further insulated to improve heat retention using hot tub accessories such as inflatable coversbubble mat liners and groundsheets. Finally, remember, the ambient temperature in your area will always play a role in regulating your hot tub temperature. That being said, there are ways to weather the storm - for more heating advice and hacks on how to winterize a hot tub, read our Top Five Energy Saving Tips for Hot Tub Owners. 

Myth: "Jacuzzis are better than Hot Tubs"

The old jacuzzi vs hot tub debate. Truly, there is no debate, because there is no difference. Whilst jacuzzi was a term coined to describe baths with fitted jets, the definition of both have overtime become one as portable spas have consolidated their place as an home and outdoor feature.

MYTHS BUSTED! We hope this has answered some of your inflatable hot tub queries. Ready to begin the search for your perfect hot tub spa?

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