Wave Spa Mythconceptions 2: More Hot Tub Myths Debunked

Wave Spa Mythconceptions 2: More Hot Tub Myths Debunked - Wave Spas USA
We only use 10% of our brains, dogs only see in black and white and an inflatable spa is a needless luxury. here’s something that all three of these statements have in common…

They’re MYTHS! 

If you enjoyed our first Mythconceptions blog post, then you're in luck! Today we're back with part two! (It seems there are more hot tub myths to debunk than we first thought.) So, let's debunk the most common jacuzzi mythconceptions and convince you that a Wave spa really will be the greatest addition to your garden/ backyard this summer.

MYTH: “An inflatable spa is a needless luxury” 

Our spas are luxurious, yes, but they’re also so much more than that! In fact, we’ve found there are numerous health benefits (both physical and mental) attached to regularly soaking in a hot tub. Our powerful massaging bubble jets are great for hydrotherapy, relieving any aches and pains, but can also work to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress and even burn calories! For many Wave customers, our spas have provided a luxurious experience and some much-needed respite.

MYTH: “You need to empty your hot tub after each use” 

 Although we advise regularly changing and treating your water, emptying your tub after every use is unnecessary and a waste. Our built-in filtration systems ensure your spa’s water is kept fresh and clean. Adding chemicals and a floating chlorine dispenser will also help this! 


MYTH: “Inflatable spas aren’t durable” 

 Our spas are certainly more durable than you think! With the correct treatment and maintenance, inflatable hot tubs can last for years. To prevent any punctures in the liner, place your spa on a completely flat surface clear of sharp objects and stones. Luckily, if you do encounter any small punctures, they can be easily repaired with our inexpensive Repair Kits and glue! 

MYTH: “You need to turn your hot tub off after each use” 

Depending on how often you use your spa, it can actually be more economical to leave your hot tub heater running when you aren’t using it. Think about it, whenever you turn your spa’s heater off, the temperature of your water will dramatically decrease (especially in the winter!) Heating it back up 24 hours later to your ideal temperature will not only take time, but it can also cost you a lot more money! As a result, we recommend setting your spa to its lowest temperature when not in use. (This will also prevent your water and liner from freezing in the winter.)


MYTH: “Heating a spa costs so much money” 

Discussion of hot tub running costs and hot tub cost, in general, can be tenuous ground, but we are here to assure you that heating your Wave spa really doesn’t have to be expensive! In fact, we’ve estimated that the average cost of maintaining your hot tub’s heat is just 30p/30c per hour*. Adding a windbreak/ shelter and taking extra steps to improve insulation can also reduce energy costs in the long term. For more information on managing hot tub cost down, head over to our post: Five Energy-Saving Tips For Wave Spa Owners.

*Please note, this calculation is based on the average UK/US cost of pence/cents per kWh. This price will vary depending on your electricity provider. 

MYTHS BUSTED! We hope this has answered some more of your inflatable hot tub queries. Ready to begin the search for your perfect hot tub spa?

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