Hot Tub Filters

Enjoying your hot tub spa is the first step, maintaining it is the second. Hot tub filter maintenance is crucial in getting the most out of your jacuzzi, available in quantities from 2 to 16, you can stockpile your cartridges to ensure your tub is always spick and span. Ideally purchased in conjunction with our hot tub filter cleaner, head over to our blog for extensive advice on how to keep your hot tub cleaner.
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The most common question we receive about jacuzzi spa maintenance is undoubtedly: How often should I replace my hot tub filter? The answer: Cue the piece of string analogy. Advising necessary filtration maintenance is a grey area that completely changes depending on your personal filter usage. Generally, we recommend that you clean your filter every 2-3 uses in order to have the best portable hot tub experience possible. Providing your hot tub chlorine dose is monitored closely, and any residual debris is removed, the filtration process shouldn’t be too laborious.

Our hot tub test strips are the novice route into understanding your chemical levels and where alteration is needed. Hot tub cloudy? Check out our spa clarifier, among our other UK-manufactured hot tub chemicals. The route to spa perfection is always simpler than you think, even for beginners!

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