1 Person Hot Tub

Single hot tub products that are as easy to assemble as they are to maintain, our one person hot tub range are ideal for single leisure browsers looking for the best hot tub deals that will not break the bank. Available in black hot tub, blue hot tub and patterned spa ranges, these modest designs unite luxury with affordability and compliment a backyard beautifully.

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Offering some of the most affordable hot tub spas for sale right now, our mini hot tub range has revolutionised the spa scene and made what was once a luxury product accessible to the masses. Plus, looking to keep your hot tub cleaner? The smaller the size - the less work there is! All of our tubs come equipped with a hot tub heater unit, setup manual, groundsheet and hot tub lid - meaning you can inflate in 5 minutes and will be ready to soak in no time!

To inquire about the cost of running a hot tub and other hot tub electrical requirements, head over to our blog for pearls of Wave wisdom to help you on your way to hot tub heaven! At Wave we offer accessories, foam insulation and guidance that can contribute to lowering your consumption costs, improving your footprint, and ensuring your hot tub is as hot as it can be.

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