3 Person Hot Tub

All of our small outdoor hot tubs can house up to 4 people, designed with expandable capacities in mind Whether it be one of our much loved square inflatable hot tubs from our Pacific range, or dazzling influencer favorites such as the grandiose marble-effect California, all of our garden hot tub spas come equipped with a dual action hot tub heater and waterproof hot tub cover. So kick back, flick on your hot tub bubbles and allow yourself to be immersed in the world of Wave jacuzzis!

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Situated at the lower end of our price-mark, these mini hot tub products offer some of the most affordable hot tub prices in the leisure industry. Though built to house up to 4 people comfortably, we more than encourage our customers to purchase our spas as a personal hot tub - ideal for lounging out, carrying out some therapeutic hot tub exercises and doubling up as your go-to decompression space. Not every tubbing experience has to be a social event, so elevate your “me time” and do so without compromising on space and live your 1 person inflatable hot tub fantasy.

The qualms of costing a hot tub as a solo buyer can be a daunting prospect, we know that luxury can often come at a price, no matter how affordable your initial purchase is. So here at Wave we have compiled a guide to sustainably managing your hot tub running costs. Through understanding the impact of your ambient temperature, insulating from the interior and exterior, and keeping your hot tub covered when out of use, our blog has a host of invaluable hacks for keeping your cost down and your footprint clean.

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