2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The Wave Atlantic and Pacific 2 person inflatable hot tub range is a great fit for solo customers, couples and even young families who are either on budget, short on space, or just prefer the warm & cozy home spa experience. Posing as a spacious 1 person hot tub, these hot spa products are an affordable and modestly sized must-have garden accessory. Available in a range of prints and designs, Wave has compact plug and play hot tubs for sale that are sure to tickle your fancy.

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To compete with some of the best inflatable hot tub brands on the market, we have ensured that our 2 person outdoor hot tubs are designed with generous dimensions to accommodate small families or groups of friends. Equipped with jet counts between 95-110, these top rated hot tubs are the ideal home spa for those who do not necessarily have the space to house a grand jacuzzi. 

Comfortably working as a single person hot tub for those who value their leg room, these tubs can be transported anywhere and used spontaneously for travelling tubbers on the go. Head over to our hot tub set up page for visual guidance on the quick and painless assembly process, or over to our blog for energy efficient hot tub advice. 

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