Square Inflatable Hot Tub

Portable, affordable spas with sleek embellishments - it is time to dip your toe into the world of square inflatable hot tubs! These 2 person hot tubs comfortably house up to 4 people, ideal for small families and couples looking for inexpensive blow up hot tubs for sale. Looking to appease the young ones whilst fitting in some much-needed relaxation? These modern hot tub designs are available in an array of personality-driven prints from Tropical to Star Spangled Banner, perfect for those looking to liven up their backyard in style.

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Compatible with all of our spa accessories, including the tailored Pacific hot tub cover, these mini hot tub designs are perfect for small families looking for a clearly delineated seating design. With four sides in equal measure, there is space for everybody to unwind after a laborious day at work. Our Pacific range is wildly popular with our customers and has proven to be the best 2 person hot tubs in our range with regard to customer feedback and durability.

Though they are some of the more inexpensive hot tubs in our collection, don’t let the inflatable design deflate your sense of luxury. Some of the more modestly priced tubs in our collection boast the greatest insta snaps when purchased in conjunction with some of our inflatable accessories. Setup is everything, as our socials show, for further inspiration check out our blog for inimitable outdoor hot tub ideas and elevate your spa image.

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