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Soon to feature whopping 8 person hot tubs from both our rigid and inflatable collection, Wave family hot tubs are the ultimate festivity-oriented outdoor spa. The perfect remedy for facilitating outdoor plans in the colder months, our large hot tubs have proven wildly popular with those craving a serene staycation and party animals alike. Available across an expansive price range and in spacious design ideal for brushing up on your hot tub exercises, we have a range of grande spas to satisfy a broad range of prospective tubbers!

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From the portable inflatable hot tub range to our stream-lined and carbon-conscious rigid foam, our large hot tubs feature all of the prized elements from our collection. The larger spas in our inflatable collection proved to be customer favourites from the start. Equipped with the highest inflatable hot tub jets in Wave’s range, dual heating systems and a plethora of compatible spa accessories, products such as the Rattan Plus continue to thrive and dominate our socials.

For optimal spa insulation and to reduce those at times crippling hot tub running costs, head over to our parts page and invest in a hard hot tub cover to prevent rainfall dilution and make sure the kids never plunge unsupervised. One fleeting visit to our hot tub reviews page will be enough to attest to the enduring appeal of our large jacuzzis. For those desiring a more modest backyard fixture, head over to our Pacific or Atlantic range to peruse the small hot tubs for sale in our collection.

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