Round Hot Tub

Portable, affordable and with spacious design, our circular spas are best-sellers for a reason. Available in our Inflatable and Rigid Foam ranges, these portable hot tubs are designed with expandable capacities in mind. Whether it be a romantic wind-down in our small two person hot tubs or a soft tub soiree in our 6 person spas, our round jacuzzis provide the perfect place for you to sit back, relax and spend quality time with those you love - whether that be your significant other, or the whole family tree!

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Our Atlantic and Atlantic Plus range bring both modestly sized and grandiose hot tub products to our Wave customers that unite spaciousness with affordability. Stream-lined, easy to assemble plug n play hot tubs that will not break the bank are proving to be ample competition in a market that is saturated with either absurd price marks or cheap hot tubs, without the durability quality. Our best selling 2 person inflatable hot tub, comfortably seating up to 4 people, has become a staple of many UK and US households over the past year due to its pleasantly surprising spaciousness and user-friendly design.

All coming equipped with north of 100 jets, these tubs are ideal for gathering parties that are not afraid to cosy up with their loved ones. Ideally purchased alongside our hot tub booster seats, this cushioned boudoir is a true friday night treat. An inflatable hot tub with seats, what’s not to love? For further accessories and alternative seating arrangements, peruse our round hot tub covers and square inflatable hot tub collection.

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