Small Hot Tubs

Though the smallest in our range, our 2 person portable hot tub range is small in neither power nor quality. Equipped with up to 110 hot tub jets, hot tub sizes are clearly not necessarily indicative of hot tub massage value. Built to withstand the elements, our Atlantic and Pacific small inflatable hot tub range is designed to make having a hot tub outside as hassle free as possible. Ideally combined with some of our easily fixable hot tub accessories, these small yet mighty soft sided hot tubs are sure to please, as our inflatable hot tub reviews can attest.

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Our small hot tubs can host an array of guest specifications. Whether it be a couples retreat, a small family soiree or utilising your spa as an extra spacious one person hot tub, our Atlantic and Pacific range do not discriminate! Available in an array of prints from our Exotic Leaf designs, to vibrant block blues, to our rustic Greywood, there is an outdoor jacuzzi tub to compliment garden setups from all sides of the style spectrum.

Situated at the lower, more affordable end of our price scale - our Pacific and Atlantic hot tubs have proven to be a continuous hit with Wave customers. We have committed to showing that discount hot tubs can have hydrotherapeutic value and do not have to rely on embellishments to present as a luxury product. For those desiring a tub with a larger family to consider, head over to our large hot tub collection for an exciting array of plus-sized spas in varied contemporary prints.

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