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WAVE Total Alkalinity Increaser is used to increase the alkalinity of your spa water. Spa water tends to lose Total Alkalinity (TA), within days of you filling your spa with fresh water. Low Total Alkalinity will result in damage to your spa equipment, pH fluctuation, and bather discomfort, ideal levels are between 100ppm (parts per million) and 140ppm.

How do I increase the Alkalinity level in my Wave Spa hot tub?
Pre-dissolve the required amount (1.5-2 tsp) of Total Alkalinity Plus in a clean plastic bucket filled with warm water. Stir the solution until the granules are fully dissolved. Ensure that your spa circulation pump is turned on before slowly pouring the solution directly onto your spa water surface. Continue to run your spa circulation pump for at least 15 minutes. Re-test your spa water and repeat dosage until a Total Alkalinity reading of between 100ppm and 140ppm is achieved. Allow 15 minutes before using your spa.


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Verified Buyer

Great value easy to dispense with the container provided.

Verified Buyer

Bought with PH increaser, does the job , as expected

Logan Smith
Verified Buyer

Bought both ph increases and decreased as chlorine needs to be at ph 7.8 to work right. Does the job as expected

Diana Storey
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Hot Tub Alkalinity Increaser - 1L
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Hot Tub/Spa Premium Total Alkalinity Increaser 1L

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