We all have our favourite clothing detergent, but sometimes these family favourites cause a bit of a bubble problem. Why sacrifice your favourite scents when Wave Spa No Foam has been specially designed for spa pools to control and prevent foaming in your hot tub? 

How do I use Spa No Foam?

Either initially or on refilling the spa, add WAVE Spa No Foam at a rate of 50mls per 450 litres of water. Add whilst the filtration system is running and allow to run on for at least 1 hour. Use 25mls per week for consistent water clarity or as a defoamer as-and-when you need it.

Tip: Use a flocculant such as WAVE™ Spa Sparkle to reduce the build-up of foam producing residues.

Always wash your hands after applying spa chemicals. The instructions and dose rates are given are a general guide for most effective use. Spa water conditions, bathing loads, temperature, etc. may vary therefore the chemical dosage required will alter accordingly. Remember, always shake the bottle before use!

It’s a good idea to ensure everyone using your tub showers before getting in, creams, fake tan, deodorant etc. are not your tubs friend.


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Hot Tub No Foam Solution - 1L
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Hot Tub / Spa No Foam 1L

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