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2 Pack Filters (2020 Onwards)

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Hot Tub/Spa Starter Kit - Chlorine Granules, pH Increaser & Decreaser, No Foam & Test Strips ...

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Atlantic Plus Insulated Spa Cover | Round (6 Person)

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Hot Tub/Spa Inflatable Seat Cushion | 1 Pack



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The Wave Atlantic Plus - Natural, rustic design meets high-tech innovative jet systems in this customer favourite. The Atlantic Plus hot tub has a versatile aesthetic complimentary to all seasons. Reasonably priced, expertly designed, and completely portable. Simply activate the rejuvenating 140 massaging air bubble system and wind down with a loved one, or invite the friends over and turn this idyll into a fiesta! Move with the seasons and choose your ideal temperature via our tailored control panel system. Generously accommodating up to 6 people, this jacuzzi is unrivalled in its appeal.

View the Atlantic User Manual here


Our built-in filtration system ensures your spa always stays safe, clean and free of debris


Simple to use controller allows you to alter the temperature and bubble function with ease


Equipped with 140 massaging jets, the Atlantic Plus is our most powerful models, prioritising the intense jacuzzi experience ideal for decompressing



Fully configurable temperature settings enables you to turn it up to 40°C (104°F) on the cool winter nights, and dial it down on summer days


The Atlantic Plus liner contains built-in flexible support mesh engineered for efficient heat distribution, ensuring all parties get the full hot tub experience!


The Atlantic Plus Tri-layer PVC coated fabric protection designed to survive all climates without compromising comfort in the process


Assembling your spa is easy. Simply connect the motor and heater system to your spa and inflate in just five minutes! Our high-tech, smart control system will assist you every step of the way. For further support, please refer to your step-by-step instruction manual or watch our setup video.



Access a luxury spa experience from the comfort of your own home. With 140 powerful built-in massaging jets, the Atlantic Plus can create enough bubbles and energy to make you feel truly comfortable and relaxed. Activating the rejuvenating massaging system will provide the perfect hydro-massage to soothe tight, tense muscles and ease any aches or pains.



The Atlantic Plus tub includes a clip-on protective cover to keep your soft tub’s water clean and warm. Working to insulate heat and prevent build-up of debris, the cover will also protect your hot tub in wet weather conditions. More importantly, our covers feature a child safety lock, to keep all hot tub users safe and put your mind at ease.

Setup Video


What’s in the box?
1 x Hot Tub
1 x Heater Unit and Inflation Hose
1 x Filter and Filter Housing
1 x Cover and Groundsheet
1 x Manual

Tech Spec

External dimensions (204 x 70cm) / internal dimensions (160 x 70cm) Capacity: 1,000 Litres
1380 W (filter 40W, heater 1340W) eco heater with a max controllable temperature of 102°C
Child Safe Locking Clips for protective cover
Tough Woven UV protected material construction designed for all-weather plus protective floor sheet
Filter & Heater:
30W / 12V 2400L / 530gal / H filter pump
Includes: Filter, cover, inflation hose, groundsheet, manual
Power Cable:
Industry-standard 3.1m cable
We give all our Wave Spas a 12-month warranty on the heating element* and 6-month warranty on the cover & liner*
Want to see how this hot tub could look in your home or garden? Simply locate the position you have in mind and using a phone or tablet, activate the button below to see your hot tub come alive in the space. take a look


How long is the warranty on my Atlantic Plus rattan?
The Atlantic Plus Rattan hot tub has a 6 month warranty on liners (The body of the spa) and a 1 year warranty for the heating unit that controls the temperature and water flow.
What extras do I need to buy for my Atlantic Plus Rattan tub?
Your Atlantic Plus Rattan Tub arrives with a heater unit, cover, filter, filter housing, inflation hose and ground sheet, which is everything you need to set up and inflate your hot tub. However, we advise purchasing our Pool and Spa starter kit containing all the chemicals you need to keep your hot tub water clean and safe. For added protection and insulation, we recommend using a bubble mat liner and inflatable cover. The Atlantic Plus Rattan needs a 6 person cover and liner.
How much will it cost to run my Atlantic Plus Rattan tub
The average cost of powering all of our heater units is $0.27 per hour.

Our Inflatable Hot Tubs take approximately 40 hours to get to maximum temperature of 104 F - meaning that the total cost to reach maximum temperature is $10.80

The average cost of bubble function is $0.39 per hour. However, the bubble function cannot be run simultaneously with the heater function, therefore we recommend sporadic use in order to retain optimal water temperature.

The cost of maintaining heat is approximately the same as the cost to heat up ($0.27 per hour), but this does differ depending on the ambient temperature. Where you are located will impact water temperature, if you frequently experience low temperatures, we would recommend insulating your tub sufficiently with our Inflatable Hot Tub Covers and Bubble Mat Liners.

*Please note, these calculation are based around the average US cost of cents per kWh. These prices will vary depending on your electricity provider. Please check for an updated price with your electrical supply company if you need to calculate more detailed usage costs.
Can I use my Atlantic Plus Rattan all year round?
Yes! As Wave inflatable hot tubs are portable, you can definitely use your spa all year round. Our soft hot tubs can sit comfotably outdoors in most weather conditions. However, to ensure your liner has a longer life span, we recommend moving your hot tub indoors when temperatures drop lower than 40°F. Our portable hot tubs are incredibly easy to set up, inflating in just 5 minutes.
When will my payment be taken?
As we are a UK based company, your payment will be taken at the point of purchase instead of the point of shipment. This is the customary procedure in British business sales, helping us get your products to you even faster!
Which filters will I need to buy with the Atlantic Plus rattan tub?
As you are purchasing the Wave Tub post-2020, the filters you need will be listed as the '2020 onwards filters'. Please note that these are not just an advanced version that we recommend, but a different size entirely. The pre 2020 filters, though cheaper, will not be compatible with your tub.


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I ordered a hot tub very last minute for my boyfriend’s birthday and was so pleased with how quickly everything turned up. I was able to set it up and get it up to temperature (using the hot tap!!) before he got home from work and it was a brilliant surprise. It’s really easy to manage and good quality. I think its worth buying the inflatable insulating cover, as the one provided is more to keep it clean rather than warm.

Florence Hall
Verified Buyer

We love our hot tub! It looks great, is comfortable and so much fun. We are in it every week, sometimes more. Would recommend the bigger size like this one for the ability to stretch out and play with the kids

Simon Adshead
Verified Buyer

Grey Rattan Atlantic Plus. Very happy with hot tub. Easy to set up. Came the day before delivery day. Can't keep the family out of it. Many thanks.

Verified Buyer

Very good and the family love it

Marie Cawley
Verified Buyer

Wow!! This hot tub is so much bigger than I thought it would be, We have all had so much enjoyment out of it since putting it up. It was definitely worth every penny we paid for it! I had to contact customer services once also and had a speedy, very helpful reply. Couldn’t recommend this company enough! Thank you.. The Haworth’s

Victoria Haworth
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Wave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 PersonWave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 PersonWave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 PersonWave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 PersonWave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 PersonWave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 PersonWave Spa Atlantic Plus Inflatable Hot Tub - Grey Rattan 4-6 Person
(378 reviews)


Grey Rattan Inflatable Hot Tub | 4-6 Person

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