Hot Tub Mat - Insulated Foam Hot Tub Base (4-6 Person Hot Tubs)


Inarguably the most convenient hack for hot tub insulation, our hot tub foam bases are simple to assemble, completely portable, and will be instrumental in optimizing your spa temperature!

Simply unpack your foam pads, assemble them like a jigsaw, and you're ready to go! A groundsheet is essential in creating a protective separation between the cold ground and your inflatable spa. As inflatable products are vulnerable to tears and punctures, our groundsheets damage-proof your tub whilst simultaneously contributing towards heat retention.

Available in a range of quantities depending on the size of your spa, they can be added or removed painlessly and swiftly!

Package Includes:

50 foam squares (Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 cm) with jigsaw style edge design for compact assembly.

*Compatible with Atlantic Plus Range, Rigid Foam 4-6 range and the Rome Drop Stitch Tub

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