Jacuzzi Vs Hot Tub Vs Spa: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Jacuzzi Vs Hot Tub Vs Spa: Who Would Win In A Fight? - Wave Spas USA
“Who would win in a fight?” is a question that has been asked since the dawn of time. It probably all began when the Caveman placed bets on whether a Spinosaurus could beat up a T-rex and it’d been that way ever since.

We’ve all got fond memories of arguing in the school playground about who would win a fight between Batman vs Ironman. As we’ve graduated to adulthood the age-old debate has most likely transformed itself from fictional characters to which spirit is going to cause the worst blackout this weekend, Vodka vs Tequila (tequila definitely wins!)

Considering how fun it is to argue who would win, we’re opening up our very own debate. Welcome to Jacuzzi vs Hot tub vs Spa!

Round One: Jacuzzi vs Hot Tub



In the blue corner, weighing in at an ungodly amount (when filled with water), we have the… JACUZZI

Age: 105 years

From: Italy 

Fun Fact: A Jacuzzi is a trademarked brand of hot tub, founded in 1915 by the ‘Jacuzzi Brothers’. (The Jacuzzi brothers actually invented the underwater pump that could be used to relieve pain.) 

Skills: A recognised household name that is often and incorrectly used to refer to any / all hot tub brands. 

In the red corner, standing at roughly 30 inches tall, we have our... HOT TUB

Age: 81 

From: USA

Fun Fact: Over 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in hot tubs per year.

Skills: Evolved to sport a variety of quality features, for example, massaging jets, inflatable liners, acrylic shells, electronic controls, Bluetooth technology and LED lighting. 

The Winner:

Younger, more agile and technically advanced, we had to give this win to the hot tub. Respect to the Jacuzzi brothers for leading the way in the leisure industry, but we can’t give the win to another hot tub brand. 

Round Two: Hot Tub vs Spa


Joining the fight in the blue, all the way from Belgium we have the... SPA

Age: Unsure, but it’s definitely BC 

From: Spa (The term spa came from the town of Spa in Belgium, dating all the way back to Roman times!) 

Fun Fact: Public bathing in spas was originally popularized by the Roman aristocracy and was a remarkable feat of engineering for their time. From trading to scheming, to partying, anything fun that happened in the Golden Age, all went down in a spa. 

Skills: Deceptive as it has several meanings: A mineral-rich spring, a commercial establishment offering beauty treatment and a hot tub equipped with jets-  just to name a few. 

The Ultimate Winner:


We hate to break it to you, but there isn’t one. As you’ve probably established by now there isn’t really any difference between a hot tub or a spa. They both heat up water, both have massaging jets and both accommodate 4-6 people. The only difference between the two is on a semantic level. 


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