Who We Are: 

At Wave Direct, we care passionately about people. We care about your lives, your homes and your wellbeing. Our family-run business is founded upon the principle of providing affordable and innovative leisure products that truly serve the people who integrate them into their lives. This philosophy has never been more important, especially during the trying times of a global pandemic.

Throughout 2020/21 we have worked tirelessly to support every person we reach and provide our customers with a safe place where they can relax. Supplying luxury spas on a friendly budget, our team at Wave are continuing to expand as demand for our products has spread from the UK to the USA, to the EU and soon the UAE.


Based in the North East of England, an area once perceived as a post-industrial wasteland, Wave is committed to showing that budding enterprise continues to thrive in the Tyne and Wear. Founded in 2017 by two best friends, we have surpassed the expectations of others and of ourselves. From humble, local beginnings to being awarded Gold Standard ‘Spa Retailer of the Year 2020’ (UK Pool and Spa Awards), we have shown that we can contend with leisure industry giants and still retain a local family-based identity.

We sell cutting-edge inflatable products for a variety of leisure & lifestyle occasions. — Tom Jeffrey, Managing Director 

Our Values: 

Professional and Personal Growth: 

Our long-term goal is to build an inspiring and positive working environment for our team. It is important to us to be a responsible company that treats employees fairly. We build our team up, improve confidence and celebrate talents. We support individuality, creativity and diversity by offering all members of our team the potential to grow into areas of the Wave brand that they find enticing – initiative is never turned down! Although we have recently expanded our office space and more than quadrupled the size of our team (45 people, plus 1 dog), we still consider ourselves a caring, family-run business at heart. 

Research and Development: 

 At Wave Direct, we love investing our time and efforts into cutting-edge research and development. We’re always looking to improve our brand, products and services, which is why we welcome feedback with open arms. Our long-term goal is not just to become a leading supplier in the UK, but worldwide! 

Commitment to the Environment:  

We want to prove that growth in surplus does not need to equate to growth in ego, and can in fact mean personal growth for Wave as a brand. Alongside our paddleboard range, we have recently launched a line of more sustainable hot tubs for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Constructed with a rigid foam core, which is over 50% more efficient than inflatable hot tubs, our ‘Rigid Foam’ range retains heat exceptionally well which in turn reduced overall energy use. 

Community Focus:

As well as caring for our staff community, we care for our online and local communities. We maintain close connections with our loyal customers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We love to give back to those who have journeyed alongside us and continually run giveaway competitions with incredible prizes. 

Recently we have selected the ‘Children’s Heart Unit Fund’ (CHUF) as our charity of the year. CHUF is a local charity (based in the Freeman Hospital) that is close to our hearts, bridging gaps for families where statutory services simply can’t. As well as the Freeman, CHUF supports hospitals with cardiac clinics all across the region. We recognise and celebrate the important, lifesaving work they do for not just the Northeast but the rest of the UK. Throughout 2021/22 we plan on taking part in many of the CHUF fundraising events, raising money to equip local hospitals and provide children with lifesaving treatments. 

For more information and to stay up to date with our CRS activities, please read our company news page.