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Eco Foam v2 with Integrated Heater

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The Garda

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A Leap Forward in Portable Spa Eco-Design

Wave's Garda, Como, and Tahoe rigid eco-foam spas have been crafted with sustainability in mind. Available in 2 sizes and 5 vibrant colours (or, as we call it, skins), these portable hot tubs redefine convenience, assembling in just 30 minutes. Feel the thrill of a permament spa with unmatched portability – all with fast delivery!

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Choose from a range of 5 outer skins

Insulated Cover

UV protected insulated foam cover with an inflatable inner


This new mode keeps the spa safe during winter!


Shapes for all gardens
Square (Garda), Round (Tahoe) and Octagonal (Como)


Available in a range of 5 different interchangeable skins
available separately


Available in a range of different sizes
for all the family


The Perfect Spa for You...

Can't make up your mind? Take a dip into our lineup of portable rigid eco foam spas and inflatable spas. Submerge into the product guide and discover the ultimate hot tub for you. Find the one that turns up the heat and fits your relaxation style like a perfect soak.

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4 Person | 160x70cm | 63x28"
6 Person | 180x70cm | 71x28"

4 Person | 156x70cm | 61x28"
6 Person | 184x70cm | 73x28"

6 Person | 195x70cm | 77x28"

4 Person | 180x65cm | 71x26"
6 Person | 208x65cm | 82x26"

4 Person | 155x65cm | 60x45"
6 Person | 185x65cm | 73x26"








Woven UV-protected PVC construction
PU-insulated foam core

Woven UV-protected PVC construction
PU-insulated foam core

Woven UV-protected PVC construction
PU-insulated foam core

Ultra-Strong TriLaminate PVC

UV-protected PVC

Set Up Time

30 minutes

20 minutes

20 minutes

15 minutes

15 minutes

Split the Payment

From $149.99*

From $141.66*

From $149.99*

From $45.83*

From $45.83*


Over 14,500 Reviews ★★★★★

Pacific 4 Person

Susan C

We purchased our Wave last year and plan to keep it up throughout winter this year as winter is much milder in recent years. This was our 3rd spa and without doubt the quality of the pool is better than any other portable spa on the market.

Pacific 6 Person

Amy S

Fantastic service. Everything was delivered promptly. The hot tub and all the accessories I ordered are perfect!

Atlantic 4 Person


My husband and I are both very thrilled with our wave spa. We were skeptical about being able to fit 4 adults in it when our friends visit, but we did and it was still pretty comfortable. My husband says this hot tub is his favorite thing he has ever bought.

Pacific 4 Person

Gary R

Cracking hot tubs very good after sales support for what ever you require. Speedy delivery and products are well made.

Atlantic 6 Person


Amazing Purchase. Great price. Easy to set up and low maintenance. Had a few questions for the customer service department who responded immediately. I'm finally relaxed. Thank you Wave Spas!

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