Introducing our new Brand Ambassador, Amber Torrealba!

Introducing our new Brand Ambassador, Amber Torrealba! - Wave Spas USA

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Amber Torrealba as our new brand ambassador! Amber is a world champion skimboarder, filmmaker, editor and healthy living enthusiast.

Anyone as serious about their training as Amber is knows how important recovery is - that’s where our Rigid Eco Foam Spas come in! See how easy it was for Amber to set it up and get warm and bubbly. 

Not only are our Rigid Eco Foam Spas easy to set up, they’re also up to 50% more thermally efficient than regular portable hot tubs thanks to our revolutionary Wave Eco Foam Core meaning that they’re better for the environment and cheaper to run - they can cost as less than $1 per day to run!

So, all of this means you can relax in thousands of bubbles and temperatures up to 104°F with total peace of mind. 

Why not follow Amber?

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