Coronavirus Response

Once your order is dispatched you will get a notification via email & text from our courier company ( UPS / FedEx & TNT). We are trying our best in these extraordinary times to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Each of us, our family, friends, colleagues, businesses and our neighbours abroad are living through unprecedented, unpredictable and worrying times. The rapid developments and the changes we're all going to have to make to get through Covid-19 means that for much of the time over the coming months we'll all be spending a massive amount of time in our homes, potentially away from loved ones or extended families that mean so much to us. Whether this be working from home, looking after more vulnerable people, caring for our elders or trying to keep our little ones busy whilst still learning and developing.

At, we care passionately about people. We care passionately about your lives and your homes and work tirelessly to support every person who we reach to make their lives better starting at home. We know that people still want and need access to products that help make their homes better. Indeed, was founded on the principle that the home is a fundamental foundation to one's being, to one's happiness and that of one's family and friends too. This philosophy has never been more important, especially in these times of self-isolation and of coming together as a society and community to fight to get through this. We know within our own team how important each of our homes is to tackling all sorts of adversity and this is no different as we fight Covid-19. As a leading home marketplace here in the UK, I'd like to reassure customers that we are working extremely closely with all of our Sellers to help us continue delivering to you throughout this crisis to make your time at home better. All the while ensuring that we and our partners follow all Government guidelines to ensure you and all our customers remain safe and well. 

"We are working extremely closely with all our logistic companies to help you make the best out of your time at home during this crisis"



  • Warehouses  - Fully Operational Warehouses
  • Staff working flexibly - Staff working flexibly where possible, our ' staff are working from home to keep themselves healthy and to support normal operations and logistics have been outsourced to ensure we ship on time.
  • Plenty of In-Stock Items - Make sure up look to what is/isn't pre-order.
  • Enhanced hygiene for Sellers - All our Sellers have rapidly adopted new levels of enhanced hygiene on their premises. This ensures their staff remain fit and well and keeps all sellers functioning as normal for as long as possible. This is in line with Government guidelines.