Rigid Eco Foam Tub FAQs

How long is the warranty on the hot tub?

The hot tub has a 12 month warranty on the liner (The body of the spa), the cover, and the heating unit that controls the temperature and water flow.

What extras do I need to buy for my spa?

Your hot tub arrives with a heater unit, cover, filter, filter housing, inflation hose and ground sheet, which is everything you need to set up and inflate your hot tub. However, we advise purchasing our Pool and Spa starter kit containing all the chemicals you need to keep your hot tub water clean and safe. For added protection and insulation, we recommend using a bubble mat liner and inflatable cover. 

How much does it cost on average to run a Rigid Foam hot tub?

The average cost of powering all of our heater units for 1 hour is $0.29

Our Rigid Foam tubs take approximately 27 hours to get to maximum temperature of 104 F - meaning that the total cost to reach maximum temperature is $7.76

The average cost of bubble function is $0.39 per hour. However, the bubble function cannot be run simultaneously with the heater function, therefore we recommend sporadic use in order to retain optimal water temperature.

The cost of maintaining spa temperature can be as low as 2 cents per hour, but this does differ depending on the ambient temperature. Where you are located will impact water temperature, if you frequently experience low temperatures, we recommend insulating your tub further with our Bubble Mat Liners. Our Rigid Foam hot tubs are supplied with built-in insulation conducive to heat retention, meaning less heat-up time, and lower costs in turn.

*Please note, these calculation are based around the average US cost of cents per kWh. These prices will vary depending on your electricity provider. Please check for an updated price with your electrical supply company if you need to calculate more detailed usage costs.

Can I use my tub all year round?

Yes! As Wave foam hot tubs are insulated and reinforced with a protective rattan/leather finish, you can definitely use your spa all year round. Our tubs can sit comfortably outdoors in most weather conditions. However, to ensure the protection of your heater unit, we recommend moving your hot tub indoors when temperatures drop lower than 40°F - or ensuring your heater unit is protected from the elements. 

Which filters do I need for my tub?

View the filters 'here'