Here are some helpful tips to help you to diagnose and rectify some common problems with inflatable spas:

Bubble Jet system is not operating

Air pump is too hot

Something is wrong with the heater unit

Air Pump is in cooling mode

Unplug the system. After the air pump has cooled, insert the plug and press the bubble button to activate

Wait for 10 minutes and restart

Contact Customer Service if it does not reset

Heating system does not operate

Water is too hot/above sensor maximum

Temperature is set too low

Dirty filter cartridge

Improper water levels

Heating element failure

Unplug the spa and allow the water to cool

Set to a higher temperature (68°F/20°C to 104°F/40°C) than the current water temperature

Clean/replace the filter cartridge

Add water to the specified levels

Contact Customer Service for advice

Filtering system does not operate OR Rattling noise when switching filter on

Dirty filter cartridge

Water level is too low

Something is wrong with the heater unit

Clean/replace the filter cartridge

Contact Customer Service if it does not reset

Ask a professional electrician to check whether the household electrical supply is functioning correctly

Spa leakage Wave spa is torn or punctured Use the repair patch provided
Water is not clean

Insufficient filtering time

Dirty filter cartridge

Improper water maintenance

Increase filtration time

Clean/replace the filter cartridge

Refer to the chemical manufacturer’s instructions

Display temperature is higher than 104°F / 40°C, after stopping heating function

Residual water in the Wave spa will continue to be heated by residual temperature

Water inlet through the filter system may be blocked

Unplug from mains and wait. The temperature will start to reduce and return to normal

Clean the inlet