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Bring some Sparkle to your hot tub to make life easier for you and your filter. Spa Sparkle is an organic polymer, polisher, and clarifier for treating spa water. It collects small particles from your hot tub, (the cause of spa water cloudiness) and forms them into larger ones. These larger particles are then removed by your filtration system. Not only will your spa look the part, but it will function to a higher standard too!

How do I use my hot tub Clarifier?

To get the most out of Sparkle, add 25mls of WAVE Spa Sparkle per 450 litres of water (predilute into at least 10 litres of water). Add to the spa water with the filtration system running and keep it running for at least 1 hour.

Increase the frequency of this dose if your spa is used regularly. 

This product can be used daily, the more you use it, the clearer it will be.

The spa may be used immediately after treatment, on the provision that Sparkle is not mixed with other chemicals. 

And remember, always wash your hands after using spa chemicals (or use with Marigolds to be on the safe side), shake the bottle before use, and keep locked up and out of the reach of children.

It’s a good idea to ensure everyone using your tub showers before getting in, creams, fake tan, deodorant etc. are not your tubs friend.


(7 reviews)
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Verified Buyer

Easy to use and does condition the water nicely.

Don Griffiths
Verified Buyer

After a week of cloudy water this clarifier cleared things up beautifully !

Melanie Carson
Verified Buyer

This is a game changer......!! It certainly keeps our water clearer for longer. We'll happy with this and highly recommend it :-)

Ginny Field
Verified Buyer

heard about this product from a friend..looking forward to the results..if half as good as others il be happy.

Sharon Topham
Verified Buyer

Really helps bind the larger dirt particles which then get trapped in the filter keeping the water super clear and clean. Only suggestion would be to could with a spoon for measuring...

John Rogers
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Hot Tub Water Clarifier - Sparkle 1L
(7 reviews)

Hot Tub / Spa Clarifier Sparkle 1L

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