Wave Spa Octagon 6 Person Protective Thermal Efficient Inflatable Cover, White

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Purchasing our inflatable cover is not just an aesthetic choice, but a sustainable and economical one too.

Available in a choice of 3 size and shape options, inflatable covers offers superior insulation, reduce sagging and prevent leaks.

The grooved design of the cover prevents rain retention on top of the tub, reducing sagging and the drip-through of unpure rainwater. Offering this protection will reduce water evaporation and ensure chemical use is kept to a minimum.

Key Info:
  • 165 cm / 65 " (please note dimensions can vary slightly depending on the desired fill)
  • Quick and easy to use with an inflate and deflate valve
  • Choice of 3 sizes and 3 shape options
  • Offers superior insulation to retain heat
  • Ensure chemical use is kept to a minimum
  • The grooved design prevents rainfall from mounting up to form a sagging effect on top of the spa
  • Inlet valve dimensions: 25mm diameter
  • Fits Wave Octagonal 6 Person Spas

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