Hot Tub Chemicals

Maintaining our status as one of the best hot tub brands in the UK means integrating a strong supply of hot tub chemicals into our range. Even the best hot tubs are vulnerable to failure if they’re not approached with adequate TLC (tub loving care). Our chemical range offers the gateway to renovating your patio hot tub into the pristine palace that it deserves to be!
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Chemcials Guide - Hot Tubs and Spas


What chemicals do I need for a hot tub? It is essential to know how to keep your hot tub water clean by treating it with chemicals and ensuring regular hot tub filter replacement, regardless of how long or how frequently you use your hot tub. We recommend that all of our customers begin their Wave journey with a Hot Tub Chemical Kit. What is a starter kit I hear you ask? Calling all hot tub novices, take a deep exhale. There is no need to feel anxious regarding your hot tub chemical maintenance. The spa experience is about relaxation, and your first plunge should not be dampened by an attempt to digest pages of complex chemical information. Our Wave hot tub chemical starter kit compiles all of the necessary information, the ‘hot tub chemicals for dummies’ manual so-to-speak. Everybody starts somewhere, and Wave want to make your first month of tubbing the Edenic experience that it should be.

Whether it be high PH, low alkalinity or generic hot tub grime, we have a range of products to alleviate your cleansing concerns. For other hot tub supplies such as hot tub pillows and hot tub covers for sale, check out our Accessories and Spare Parts pages.

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