Hot Tub Parts

All of our replacement hot tub parts are readily available for customers encountering minor issues with their plug and play hot tub products. Whether it be superficial damage to your tub, or a replacement spa tub body, we have an array of spares available for purchase. For more tailored advice regarding hot tub electrical costs, or to enquire about our hot tub repair service, please visit our Blog or Customer Service page.
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From spa repair kits, to waterproof round hot tub covers, to advice on how to repair a hot tub puncture - our Spares and Wave Assist support team are available to remedy your hot tub quandaries. We sell hot tub repair swatches for all of the patterns in our blow up hot tub range available at affordable prices. Ensure that your jacuzzi is supported by a groundsheet, especially if placing it on hard surfaces such as a patio or decking.

Your warranty for the hot tub body is 6 months from the point of receiving your tub, whereas your hot tub heater unit has a 12 month warranty period - to discuss potential for warranty extensions, hot tub financing, and the route to acquiring a replacement hot tub pump please contact our customer service team. For queries about unusual behaviour on your hot tub control panel or the ‘E’ errors, refer to our team for troubleshooting guidance, we are always happy to help.

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