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Cloudy Hot Tub Water: Let's Clarify A Few Things

Cloudy Hot Tub Water: Let's Clarify A Few Things - Wave Spas USA
Why is my hot tub water cloudy?

Cloudy hot tub water? We've all been there. You swear you've monitored your filtration properly, you're sure your costume wasn't washed with detergent, you made sure to clip on your protective cover to stop your troublesome spaniel from taking his morning dip. Technically speaking, murky hot tub water is the result of insoluble particles gathering in your spa and affecting the translucency. In most cases yes, pure water is clear, however, don't let your guests shame you - hot tub water can be cloudy sometimes and it doesn't point to poor hygiene - in fact, it can be the exact opposite.

Imbalanced core levels from chemical upkeep is the primary cause of cloudy spa water. So, you can in fact wash your spa too much and, in turn, make it look dirty - typical. So, alongside checking your levels via our 3-in-1 hot tub test strips, we recommend you take action in the following ways.

How to fix cloudy hot tub water

1) Before we waste both of our time, in true FAQ style, let's address the elephant in the hot tub: jets. Jets create aeration, which is often misconstrued to be impure water. Be patient, let your water settle post-usage before fully draining your tub and turning your garden into a total wipeout zone. Often, it is just the natural cause of motion in your spa water.

2) Shock dose your tub with a generous amount of chlorine granules. Remember, whilst this may be instrumental in clearing the particles initially, you will have to ensure your chlorine levels are balanced afterward. Think of shock dosing as a fast, short-term solution, or at least an ideal starting point. You've got friends coming over at 9, it's 8.30 and your Wave Spa looks like a gallon of Fentimans- you need to act fast.

For advice on shock dosing or fast solutions to murky hot tub water, please read our Wave Spa Chemical Guide or check out our novice's Hot Tub Chemical Kit to overcome hot tub teething issues.

3) Stay on top of your filtration game. It isn't just about the debris they catch, filters are catching all of the microscopic, organic bacteria that lingers in your tub post-use. Just like humans, a quick rinse isn't a long term remedy - sometimes they need a long soak. Looking for a solution to keep your hot tub cleaner? Check out our cartridge cleaner for eliminating bacteria in your tub and getting the most out of your filters before replacing them.



4) Replenish your water. I know, nobody wanted to hear it. It takes a while to heat up, it's cold outside, we're all impatiently awaiting a well earned post-workout plunge. Nonetheless, water stagnates, and it needs to be replaced. If you've been using your tub frequently, or you tragically lost a splash of Pinot during your last hot tub party, then it's time to drain and refill.

As a generic upkeep chemical for those with a penchant for maintaining a pristine tub, invest in some Wave Spa hot tub water clarifier to give your jacuzzi that unbeatable sparkle and truly wow your guests.



Foam in Hot Tub - Why is my Hot Tub Foamy?


The dreaded word - foam. Unless actively utilizing bubble bath for some unparalleled summer fun, foam in a hot tub is nothing short of a pain. Unlike with milky hot tub water, foamy hot tub water is caused by inorganic cosmetic materials in the tub such as detergents, false tans, or even shampoo.

We all have our favorite clothing detergent, but sometimes these family favorites cause a bit of a bubble problem. Why sacrifice your favorite scents when Wave Spa No Foam has been specially designed for spa pools to control and prevent foaming in your hot tub? 

Either initially or on refilling the spa, add the No Foam at a rate of 50mls per 450 liters of water. Add whilst the filtration system is running and allow to run on for at least 1 hour. Use 25mls per week for consistent water clarity or as a defoamer as-and-when you need it.


It’s a good idea to ensure everyone using your tub showers before getting in, body lotions, false tan, deodorant etc. are not your tubs friend. Unlike with cloudy hot tub water - the 'How to Defoam hot tub' quandary is relatively inexpensive to remedy, but completely free to prevent. Think in advance, and take preventative measures to prevent foamy hot tub water.

For other invaluable pearls of jacuzzi genius head over to our other Blog posts for insider tips on how to keep your hot tub cleaner.

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