Kids And Hot Tubs: Our Safety Advice

Kids And Hot Tubs: Our Safety Advice - Wave Spas USA

There is no question that it can be incredibly difficult to spend quality time as a family in today's society. Finding the time around work, school, extracurricular activities, homework, household errands and everything else that comes with the ‘joys of parenting’ is almost an impossible task. Even when you’ve found the time, the next battle is finding something that everyone wants to do (god help you if you’ve got teenagers!) 

You may have heard that an inflatable hot tub is a solution to all your problems? Well, you aren’t wrong there! Over the past couple of years, inflatable spas have become an incredibly popular addition to the family home. They are a new hub for conversation, forcing everyone to pop down the electronics and spend time together. 

But what about safety? If you’re worried about the potential dangers of a hot tub and your children, then we’re here to offer some reassuring advice. Read on to ensure your spa experience is fun and safe for everyone involved. 



Can kids go in a hot tub? 

Absolutely! Most children love hot tubs, especially when they bubble! An inflatable spa can be a great place for your children to play and relax. (They’re also brilliant for sensory purposes!) However, just like with anything that involves water, your child must be supervised. We advise establishing a set of hot tub safety rules with your children before they enter the spa. 


Most Common Hot Tub Accidents and How to Prevent 

Slipping: If your hot tub is on a surface that could become slippery when wet, e.g tile or decking, it’s a good idea to place slip-resistant bath mats around your tub. 

Unsafe Behaviour: Create a set of safety rules that your children should follow, for example, no gymnastics in or around the spa. 

Overexposure to Heat: Reduce the temperature of the spa when your children are using it. Make sure your children take regular breaks from the hot water and keep them hydrated.

Drowning: Supervise your children in the jacuzzi at all times. When the spa isn’t in use, make sure you cover the water and activate the child safety locks.  



Safe Hot Tub Temperature for Children 

Children aren’t as able at regulating their body temperatures. Because of this, we recommend adjusting your hot tub temperature to 35°C / 95°F (instead of the spas optimum temperature of 40°C / 104°F) when children are using it. 

How long can kids be in a hot tub? 

Children cannot sit in a hot tub for the same amount of time as an adult. If your temperature is reduced, then your children can soak for about 15-20 minutes before getting out to take a break and have some water. (It’s really important to keep them hydrated!) 

Providing smaller children with a Spa Booster Seat is also highly recommended. This avoids full-body immersion and reduces the risk of overheating. 

Can babies go in hot tubs? 

In short, no. Children under the age of 5 shouldn’t be using a hot tub unless they can stand at the bottom with their head above the water. Baby’s bodies do not have the ability to adapt to temperature shifts in the way that an adult can- their thin skin is much more susceptible to overheating. 

Side note: Since babies/toddlers have next to no control over their bodily functions, spas can become unsanitary when “little accidents” occur. 

For more information on who can and can't use a hot tub, please visit 'Hot Tubs are They for Everyone.' If you're pregnant and wondering if a hot tub is still suitable for you, check out our 'Hot Tub While Pregnant' post.

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